How to Choose the Right Lubricant Company in UAE for Import

Choosing the right lubricant company in UAE from a list of 500+ lubricant companies for purchasing and importing high-quality lubricant oils is always a difficult task. 

Due to this large number of lubricant companies in the market, it is important to do a deep research and analysis before taking a decision in order to ensure that you are getting the best lubricant products based on your requirements and expectations. In this blog, we will go through the most important key factors to consider while choosing a lubricant company in UAE,especially for importing purposes.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance of Lubricant Products

Quality control and assurance are one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a lubricants company in the UAE.

ISO certification is one of the major factors related to quality control and assurance because an ISO certified lubricant company in UAE must have the best quality control management process through which lubricant companies can easily ensure that their lubricant products are meeting the required industry standard and quality.

Along with quality standard measures, these companies have advanced research and development laboratory facilities that help them to check and test their lubricant products regularly to guarantee their quality and performance.

Range of Lubricant Product Segment

Types of product variants offered by a lubricants company in UAE is another important factor to consider because a well established lubricant company in UAE will normally have a wide range of lubricant products applicable for different industrial segments like automotive,agricultural,industrial,marine etc. 

By evaluating the product variant offered by a lubricant company will get an idea about their manufacturing capability and efficiency also by considering quality,performance and compatibility of their product variants.

Professional Expertise and Technical Support

Professional expertise and technical support is another important factor to consider while choosing a lubricant company in UAE. 

Most of the well established lubricant companies in UAE has an excellent team of experienced professionals, they will guide the entire manufacturing process of lubricants and also help the importers from international countries by giving proper information and knowledge regarding the use and application of various lubricant products. 

Same time these companies will provide you with 24×7 support and assistance for all kinds of queries and issues.

Lubricant Price Factor and Value For Money

The price of lubricant products is one of the most important elements in choosing a lubricant company in UAE. 

Most of the people try to purchase and import lubricant at a cheap price. But while doing this there will be a huge compromise in the quality of lubricants and which will result in the performance of engines and machineries parallelly affecting it’s lifespan. 

But well established lubricant companies normally provide an acceptable medium competitive price without compromising the quality of lubricant products.

Reputation and Reliability of Lubricant Company

Reputation is another prime factor to consider when choosing a lubricant company in UAE. It is easy to identify the reputation and credibility of a Lubricant company in UAE by checking some major factors like existing client data,total number of exporting countries,certifications & approvals,industry awards,clients reviews and testimonials etc.

Timely Delivery & Logistics  Options

Timely delivery of importing of lubricant product consignment is another crucial factor in choosing a lubricant company in UAE. 

A reputed lubricant company in UAE always has a healthy relationship with a well established logistics partner and also has a backup plan or support in order to manage any sudden issues related to timely delivery of consignments. 

If you are really going to do business with any of the lubricant companies in UAE,then it’s important to know whether they have a reliable logistics partner to handle the timely delivery of bulk consignment orders of lubricant products.

Shipping option is another important factor related to logistics because it’s also crucial to know what types of shipping methods are offered by lubricant companies like sea,air and road. 

Most of the established companies in UAE offer all types of shipping methods based on client’s interest and requirements. So if you are going to collaborate with any of the lubricant companies in UAE then please try to know which are the shipping methods they offer to the clients, based on that you can choose the best convenient and affordable shipping method which suits your requirements. 

These lubricant companies also provide you with all the information and other details related to each and every shipping of your consignments.

24×7 Customer Service and Support

Customer relationship management process is another element which also plays an important part while choosing a lubricant company in UAE. 

After sales support is one of the most important thing that a client needs after purchasing a product from an organization. It’s not just related to the lubricant industry but also for all the industries across the globe. 

So before finalizing a lubricant company in UAE for importing lubricants to your country make sure that the company should have an expert team of professionals who are ready and capable enough to assist you with all kinds of queries,issues and concerns.

Certifications and Accreditations

Certifications and accreditations are another factor which helps in choosing a lubricant company in UAE. 

A high experienced and well established lubricants companies normally have all types of certifications and approvals like AS 9100,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 50001,ISO 45001, API (American Petroleum Institute Certificate),OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer),EOLCS (Engine Oil Licensing & Certification System) etc. 

If you see all this certifications with a lubricant company in UAE which means that company has a well managed production procedure and through which it meet all the necessary performance standards required for a lubricant product. 

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

While choosing a lubricant company in UAE it’s also important to consider their lubricant products has less impact on environmental pollution. 

Today most of the lubricant companies in UAE always try to manufacture lubricant products with low emission standards and less environmental impact.

When evaluating the sustainability and environmental responsibility of a lubricant company in UAE, be sure to consider factors such as their energy usage, waste management practices, and their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. 

By choosing a lubricant company in UAE that is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, you can help to reduce your own environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.


Before finalizing a lubricant company in UAE it’s better to read all the customer feedback,reviews and testimonials and also discuss with other businesses and individuals who have been doing business presently and also with people who have frequent interaction in the past. Through which it helps to understand the company’s standard of operation,product quality,customer relationship management and support etc.Finally, be sure to compare prices and terms and conditions before making a decision. It is important to choose a lubricant company in UAE that offers competitive pricing and flexible payment options, as well as transparent and straightforward terms and conditions.

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