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We are the leading lubricants company in UAE, Dubai with ISO certifications and API approvals focused on offering a wide range of quality lubricants products suited for automobiles and other industries.

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Sustainable Lubricants For A Better Future

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of lubricants with all the modern facilities of range like automotive lubricants.

No.1 lubricants Company in UAE Dubai

Globally Trusted Lubricants

Experience unparalleled quality and reliability with Radiant, the leading choice for lubrication solutions worldwide. From automotive to industrial applications, our products deliver optimal performance, ensuring smooth operations and extended equipment life. Trust Radiant for unmatched expertise, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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Petrol Engine Oil

Unleash the power and safeguard your diesel engine with Radiant’s high quality diesel engine oils, maximizing performance and ensuring long-lasting protection.

Diesel Engine Oil

Maximize the full potential of your petrol engine with Radiant’s premium-grade etrol engine oil, delivering exceptional lubrication and enhanced engine efficiency.

Hydraulic Fluid

Elevate your equipment’s performance and longevity with Radiant Hydraulic fluid. Maximize performance and ensure smooth operations and extended  engine life.

Motorcycle Oil

Raidnt motorcycle oil is the ultimate choice for your bike’s engine. It delivers superior performance with a smooth and exhilarating journey every time every twist of the throttle.

ATF Fluid Oil

Radiant automatic transmission fluid offers smooth and seamless consistent shifting with enhanced performance,ensuring an effortless and enjoyable driving experience.


Keep your engine running smoothly with Radiant’s high-quality coolant, providing superior heat transfer and corrosion protection for optimal performance and extended engine life.

Engineered Excellence in Lubrication

Premium Lubricants For Optimum Performance

Discover a range of premium lubricants meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and protection for your engines. Our cutting-edge formulations are designed to optimize efficiency, reduce friction, and enhance overall performance

Fuel Economy Solutions

Optimize fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs with our fuel-saving lubricant solutions.

Engine Optimized Solutions

Experience optimized engine performance and efficiency with our tailored lubricant solutions.

Trusted Quality

Count on our trusted brand for exceptional quality, consistency, and reliability in every drop of our engine oils.

Our Lubricants Brands

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How to Choose the Right Lubricants Company in UAE for Import

Choosing the right lubricants company in UAE from a list of 500+ lubricant companies for purchasing and importing high-quality lubricant oils is always a difficult task. Due to this large number of lubricant companies in the market, it is important to do a deep research and analysis before taking a decision in order to ensure that you are getting the best lubricant products based on your requirements and expectations

Top 10 Benefits of Lubricant Oil Application on Industrial Machines

Lubricant oils are the most important element that ensures the smooth functioning of an industrial machinery. The application of lubricant oils in industrial machineries is becoming so important because of its capability to reduce the friction and wear & tear of industrial machineries and related equipments. In this article you read the major benefits of lubricant oils in industrial machinery applications.

The Future Scope of Lubricant Industry in the United Arab emirates

The United Arab Emirates will see a potential industrial growth in the coming years, especially from the UAE Lubricant industry, because day by day a large number of new industrial organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises are  started to enter the lubricants manufacturing industry. This is due to the huge demand for lubricants especially from African countries and also from European countries. 

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